How the Use of Certain Words Can Determine Your Business Success

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Words are very compelling. I recently saw an advertising campaign for a makeup company which used only words. You would think that a company that sells makeup would add pictures of beautiful faces, lipsticks and eye-shadows to their billboards. Not at all. Their campaign used a combination of words which intended to get a strong reaction from the reader.

I was one of the readers, and I can genuinely say that I will remember those words for many years to come, and of course, the name of the makeup company. Some of the words used were these: “They say you are too much, maybe they are not enough.”

Women are often judged for being too soft, vulnerable, extra, and indeed too much. Reading this sentence is very powerful because it almost permits them to be what people have been telling them not to be. Those words give hope and pride.

The right words can indeed determine the success or failure of a marketing campaign and any piece of content you may use for your advertising online and offline.

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.” – Mother Teresa

Let me give you some examples of powerful words and concepts to use to make your content well received by your audience.

First of all, you must use many positive words. Many entrepreneurs focus on the pain points of their clients too much. You must balance the negative or pain point with an optimistic scenario of what life and business could look like for your ideal client. Remember, people buy when they feel good or to feel good, so you must show them all the positive possibilities they could achieve when purchasing your products and services.

Avoid using words like “struggle” or “pain” as they are overused. You could replace the word “struggle” with “challenge” because it’s a more positive and encouraging word.

As odd as it may sound try to avoid the word “buy” when you want to invite your reader to buy from you. Make them see that your products and services are not just another purchase but an actual investment from which they will benefit in the long term. Replace the word “buy” with “invest.’

When you invite people to buy from you, be firm and assertive, avoid using words like “if” or “please.” Use words that show you strongly believe in what you are selling and that give a direct invite to the reader, such as “are you ready?” or “ It is time to…”

Use the word “you” more often than the word “I” to make sure the focus is on your reader more than yourself. Using the word “you” creates a sense of presence in your reader, like a tick the teacher makes while reading the classroom register. Your readers will feel that you are talking to them, which will help them be more involved and pay more attention. 

Do not use the word “should” too much. If you must use it, please do so, but only if necessary. Replace “should” with more gentle words which do not sound like a command, such as “ It is vital/paramount that you do x,y, z.” This sounds more like a piece of friendly advice than a bossy command.

I often see entrepreneurs using “fear of missing out” words too much combined with the idea that if they do not buy their products and services, they will not succeed or move forward. Using this type of language can sound desperate and does not give the reader the idea they are in control of the decision.

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.” – Robin Williams

For instance, saying “if you do not invest now, you will… (negative consequences) is not a genuine way to persuade your audience to buy from you. Instead you can use the fear of missing out focused at positive consequences, and you may add a bit of humour to bring some lightness. Let me give you an example…” This is your last chance to invest in x,y, z, and create the business you desire.”

Finally, make sure to use words of motivation and encouragement. Make the reader see and feel that they can do whatever it is you’re asking so they can create the changes they desire and dream of making. You could use words such as “you were born to do it” or “you are capable of creating this” to give you some ideas. I call this type of encouragement the “chest building” words. Imagine how proud and confident someone can feel when listening to motivating words of praise. Their chest starts to lift, their head is high, and their look is more empowered and fiercer. Precisely the kind of feeling you want your reader to experience while reading your content.

In the end, always write with the highest intention, knowing that your words are ready to change someone’s life for the better.

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