Wonder Woman reigns supreme as the DCEU’s highest-earning US film

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By any met­ric, Pat­ty Jenk­ins Won­der Woman has been a suc­cess. The film enjoyed the largest-ever open­ing week­end for a film direct­ed by a woman. Its now the high­est-gross­ing live-action film direct­ed by a woman in the world. It got an A from Cin­e­mas­core view­ers, and over­whelm­ing­ly pos­i­tive reviews from crit­ics. The pro­found wave of pos­i­tiv­i­ty is par­tic­u­lar­ly strik­ing when com­pared to oth­er DC Comics Extend­ed Uni­verse sib­ling films, includ­ing Bat­man v Super­man: Dawn of Jus­tice and Sui­cide Squad.

And now, less than a month after its the­atri­cal release, Won­der Woman has over­tak­en the full-release box-office take of Warn­er Bros. oth­er DCEU films in the Unit­ed States, The Wrap reports. So far, Won­der Woman has earned $330.5 mil­lion in domes­tic release, to Bat­man v Supermans pre­vi­ous DCEU record of $330.3 mil­lion. Notably, Won­der Womans earn­ings have hit that mark after less than a month in the­aters, while it took Bat­man v Super­man 84 days.

In world­wide release num­bers, though, its worth not­ing that Bat­man v Super­man still holds the over­all earn­ings record for DCEU movies, and that so far, a con­sid­er­ably high­er per­cent­age of the films box office take came from inter­na­tion­al tick­et sales than Won­der Womans accord­ing to Box Office Mojo (which cur­rent­ly has dif­fer­ent domes­tic totals than The Wraps report) Bat­man v Super­man made 62 per­cent of its mon­ey in inter­na­tion­al release, com­pared to Won­der Womans 50 per­cent. Its not clear yet whether thats due to Won­der Woman get­ting a much small­er pro­mo­tion­al push than Bat­man v Super­man, or get­ting a small­er inter­na­tion­al release push, or whether it takes longer for inter­na­tion­al num­bers to come in. But itll be inter­est­ing to watch the box office race over the long term, and see how the num­bers match up after Won­der Womans been in release as long as the oth­er DCEU films.

Image: Warn­er Bros.

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