China, House Churches, and the Growth of the Kingdom

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Two-thirds of Chi­nese Chris­tians attend a house church.

My host touched the down but­ton in the ele­va­tor of a high-rise apart­ment. Its door opened and we stepped out into under­ground park­ing. We maneu­vered around cars and crates in the musty and dark base­ment. Then, to my sur­prise, I saw through a door a red cross with childrens toys scat­tered about. The pas­tor wel­comed us into his house church, a small room seat­ing 70 adorned by a small pul­pit.

Lat­er that day across the cityin Chi­na, there are more than 40 cities with pop­u­la­tions over five millionwe vis­it­ed anoth­er house church. On the side of a com­mer­cial build­ing was a cross, pub­licly announc­ing the churchs pres­ence. Arriv­ing on the sixth floor, we entered an amaz­ing 7,000 square foot com­plex fit­ted with mul­ti­ple offices and a 600-seat audi­to­ri­um.

Sat­ur­day night in anoth­er city, my trans­la­tor punched in floor five. We were greet­ed and shown a spa­cious sanc­tu­ary seat­ing 350, its plat­form lit with col­ored flood­lights as the wor­ship band pre­pared.

Just down a hall, I poked my head into its sem­i­nary facil­i­ty.

Sun­day, again in a high-rise com­mer­cial build­ing, I spoke to two con­gre­ga­tions, who met in a 120-seat­ing wor­ship cen­ter, sur­round­ed by Sun­day School rooms.

Mon­day, I rode a high-speed train to yet anoth­er city where a young cou­ple took me to a com­mer­cial high rise. Meet­ing with a dozen of their senior staff, they told me that in 2016 the gov­ern­ment shut down their for­mer rental space in prepa­ra­tion for the meet­ing of the G20. The police ratio­nale was they want­ed all unreg­is­tered (aka house church­es) church­es closed so as to pre­vent protest. A year lat­er, this same church was up and run­ning in a new rental space with mul­ti­ple staff and a wor­ship

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