Canyon and Kraftwerk collaborated to create the ultimate techno bike

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Canyon bicy­cles has announced that it is col­lab­o­rat­ing with famed elec­tron­ic group Kraftwerk to pro­duce a lim­it­ed edi­tion run of bikes.

Called the Ulti­mate CF SLX Kraftwerk, the 21 bikes pro­duced will fea­ture a geo­met­ric black-and-white design that harkens to Kraftwerks sig­na­ture aes­thet­ic devel­oped by found­ing mem­ber Ralf Hüt­ter. Its the most com­plex design ever applied to a bike by Canyon; every reflec­tive strip is cut to mea­sure and hand-laid, tak­ing a total of sev­en hours per frame­set to com­plete.

The lim­it­ed edi­tion bikes will also fea­ture the SRAM wire­less eTap groupset, an elec­tron­ic gear-shift­ing sys­tem that allows rid­ers to shift with elec­tron­ic switch­es instead of mechan­i­cal cables and switch­es. The com­po­nents are placed on a bike, then paired using SRAMs pro­pri­etary 128-bit wire­less encryp­tion sys­tem, called Airea. Small satel­lite shifter but­tons, called Blips, can also be placed any­where along the han­dle­bars.

Every reflec­tive strip is cut to mea­sure and hand-laid, tak­ing a total of sev­en hours per frame­set

Kraftwerk has a long his­to­ry with cycling and the Tour de France, and Hütters pas­sion for the sport is well-doc­u­ment­ed. In the 1970s and ear­ly 80s, he and band­mate Schnei­der would ride up to 200 kilo­me­ters a day, an obses­sion which, at the time, actu­al­ly impaired Kraftwerks pro­duc­tiv­i­ty. In 1983, the band record­ed sin­gle Tour de France and 20 years lat­er, pro­duced album Tour de France Sound­tracks, which coin­cid­ed with the races cen­ten­ni­al anniver­sary in 2003.

This years Tour de France is host­ed in the Rhineland city of Düs­sel­dorf, where Kraftwerk orig­i­nal­ly hails from. Time Tri­al World Cham­pi­on Tony Mar­tin will begin the race on a Canyon Speed­max CF SLX bear­ing the same design, and Kraftwerk will per­form Tour De France Sound­tracks at a Düs­sel­dorf con­cert fol­low­ing Saturdays race.

Canyons Kraftwerk bikes will be avail­able on Canyons web­site start­ing Mon­day, July 3rd, with a retail price of 10,000 ($11,411.90 USD).

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