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Cows in Japan now have a shirt to help them bat­tle the sum­mer heat.

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Its sum­mer in Japan and, like humans, the cows are feel­ing the heat.

To pre­vent heat stress which could cause the cat­tle a ton of health prob­lems appar­el com­pa­ny Gun­ze Ltd designed a shirt for cows that cools them down with water, reports The Japan Times.

Called Ushi-ble, the shirt is made of a feel-cool mate­r­i­al often found in sports­wear. The shirt, which cov­ers the cows neck and shoul­ders, has a sen­sor installed that mon­i­tors the damp­ness of the mate­r­i­al. When it becomes too dry, water is pumped through a tube so the cow is drenched. It vapor­is­es lat­er to bring the cows tem­per­a­ture down by approx­i­mate­ly five degrees.

Tests done by Gun­ze and the Kyoto Pre­fec­tur­al Agri­cul­ture, Forestry and Fish­eries Tech­nol­o­gy Cen­ter have proven Ushi-ble effec­tive in min­imis­ing the con­se­quences of heat stress in cows. For exam­ple, while milk pro­duc­tion usu­al­ly falls by around 10 per­cent dur­ing sum­mer, a reduc­tion in the decline is observed in cows don­ning the shirt.

Tech wear­ables arent just for cat­tle. In 2015, appar­el com­pa­ny Luk­la Endeav­our devel­oped a jack­et that comes with aero­gel insu­la­tion a NASA tech­nol­o­gy that keeps its wear­ers warm in cold cli­mates. The fol­low­ing year, Sin­ga­pore start­up, Tware, designed a mas­sage jack­et that pounds its wear­ers back on the go.

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