The best 10 apps for coworkers

These platforms will help you in the performance of your daily work.

The pace of work and business models today have left behind the old labor schemes, where the rule was to meet a fixed schedule within an office. Constant mobility and the need for adequate spaces to fulfill different tasks at the same time have given rise to the emergence of new ways of fulfilling professional obligations.

Coworking has had a great acceptance and growth, because it responds very well to the needs of mobility, personalization and networking that demand a large number of startups and freelancers who are its biggest customers. According to the Global Coworking Survey carried out by the coworking magazine Deskmag, in 2017 it is expected that this sector will grow up to 22%, a figure close to one million 180 thousand coworkers worldwide.
To meet these needs for mobility and constant interaction that characterize coworkers, The Pool, a coworking space and an entrepreneurial projects incubator, provides you with a list of 10 of the best applications for coworkers that will help you in the performance of your daily work. .

Basecamp. An application that has different versions to fit the needs of each professional, especially for freelancers. Manage and organize your projects on a single platform, allowing you to access them at any time and add comments about it. You can integrate your co-workers in the application, so that everyone can review the project they are working on.

Available for Android and iOS.

Asana It is an application designed to train work teams efficiently, and assign tasks to each team member. From your platform you can follow up on each member or project in progress, since it includes a private message service and a public chat for all the members of your team.

Available for Android and iOS.

CamScanner. Although today the tendency is to take all work tasks to the digital and electronic level, physical or printed documents are still vital for many daily tasks. It is not always practical to carry tons of paper on top, especially working in a coworking space, so this application will greatly facilitate this work. It is a practical scanner that takes advantage of the camera integrated in your phone to convert the photos you take to your documents in editable PDF files, either to make corrections or take notes.

Available on Android and iOS.

CamCard. In the coworking environment, and in business in general, networking is vital to grow professionally and professionally. In coworking spaces you have the opportunity to meet many professionals from different areas in different events, and the classic way in which they will offer you their data is through business cards. With so many cards it's easy to lose track of them and not know where you left them when you need that contact. That's what CamCard is for: use your phone's camera to take a card shot and automatically extract your name and contact information. Very useful and functional to generate a work schedule instantly.

Download it on Android or iOS.

Slack. This application makes your work easier, more enjoyable and more effective, not for nothing has become one of the tools allowed by entrepreneurs. It offers chats organized by topics, as well as private groups and direct messages, making you increase productivity at work no matter where you are. You can also share documents with your team to edit them online.

Start using it now on Android and iOS.

Evernote In a work environment with constant changes and in which you must mobilize all the time, it is necessary to take notes on the ideas that are emerging or on new projects. That's what Evernote is for: in a single application you can take written, voice or even video notes about each of your projects, make notes in documents and organize them in the way that best suits you.

Downloadable for iOS and Android.

Uber Eats. The freedom of schedules provided by the coworks are a great relief at the time of the meal, since you can manage your time to go out and eat calmly. However, there will be times when your projects will demand an extra effort and time to finish them on time. With Uber Eats you can get ahead of these situations, because they are responsible for bringing the food you choose to your door, and have alliances with a variety of restaurants, so you will not lack variety to choose your favorite dish.

Do not wait any longer and start asking through iOS and Android.

PayNow for Stripe. Very useful when making payments to your suppliers and customers. The app works as an electronic terminal to accept credit card payments, as well as payments for the PayWave and PayPass platforms. It has a very useful function to fill the data of the card using the camera, which makes it even more practical. Its interface is very simple and easy to use, so it can become an indispensable means of payment for any coworker that needs to be in constant movement.

Receive payments now on your Android or iOS device.

Hootsuite. Managing your social networks, whether you work as a community manager of a company, or that you are a freelancer and manage your own presence in networks, is an essential task to keep in touch with your customers. Hootsuite is a very practical platform from which you can program all your publications in different networks, for example, if you want to publish the same message in all of them, or if you should monitor the activity of all of them at the same time.

Available on iOS and Android.

Foursquare Working in a coworking space leaves the door open to coworkers to have plenty of free time outside of their working hours. No matter where you are, with Foursquare you will have suggestions of interesting places to visit in those valuable free hours. according to your personal tastes. Books, cafes, parks, gyms, museums, clubs, shops, bars and any place for you to have fun can be found here, read the reviews of the people who have visited it and rate it yourself.

Check different places and reviews from Android and iOS.

You can also review other very practical applications to make your work time more fun and practical, such as Spotify, to make playlists that make your work more pleasant; Rappi, to supply your super list; Whatsapp, to keep in touch at all times with your coworkers or Skype, to make video conferences with your clients, in case they are working in different places.

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