If you play Forza Hori­zon or Forza Motor­sport, you have some free­dom to per­son­al­ize cars in the game, even adding your own cus­tom designs. One pop­u­lar exam­ple: play­ers have used the fea­ture to recre­ate the Gen­er­al Lee, the 1969 Dodge Charg­er from The Dukes of Haz­zard, in almost every sin­gle Forza game since at least 2007. But the Gen­er­al Lee famous­ly includes the con­tro­ver­sial con­fed­er­ate flag on its back — and Microsoft has just announced it will ban play­ers who use that sym­bol (among oth­ers) in the game.

In a state­ment post­ed on Twit­ter last Fri­day, Microsoft updat­ed its enforce­ment guide­lines to have a zero-tol­er­ance pol­i­cy for any play­er using the con­fed­er­ate flag or oth­er sym­bols that rep­re­sent “noto­ri­ous iconog­ra­phy,” includ­ing Nazi imagery and the ris­ing sun, which can be a sym­bol of Japan­ese impe­ri­al­ism. Microsoft will not auto­mat­i­cal­ly ban play­ers that cre­ate designs with these con­tro­ver­sial images; instead, the orig­i­nal design­er will need to be report­ed by sub­mit­ting a tick­et.

While some play­ers have noticed the ban, it hasn’t sparked a sig­nif­i­cant back­lash yet. Besides, if you want to turn your 1969 Dodge Charg­er into a Gen­er­al Lee, you don’t need a flag to do that. (Also, here’s the “Gen­er­al Bee.”) Even the real-life Gen­er­al Lee car no longer wears the con­fed­er­ate flag; own­er and pro golfer Bub­ba Wat­son says he had them removed in 2015.

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In recent weeks, debates sur­round­ing the mod­ern dis­play of the con­fed­er­ate flag have resur­faced amid protests in the US against sys­temic racism. Sev­er­al insti­tu­tions, which pre­vi­ous­ly allowed dis­plays of the flag, includ­ing the US Marine Corps and NASCAR, have banned the flag and depic­tions of it in its entire­ty, while law­mak­ers in Mis­sis­sip­pi vot­ed on Mon­day to remove the emblem from its state flag.

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