Dreams, the expan­sive game cre­ation tool for the PlaySta­tion 4, is get­ting VR sup­port. Devel­op­ment stu­dio Media Mol­e­cule made the announce­ment on the offi­cial PlaySta­tion blog, say­ing that PlaySta­tion VR com­pat­i­bil­i­ty would arrive as part of a free update lat­er this month.

There’ll be new tuto­ri­als that teach you how to cre­ate VR con­tent, and the update will also bring games and expe­ri­ences that are ready to play right away. There’ll be a lot of flex­i­bil­i­ty in the inter­face: VR expe­ri­ences can be craft­ed both in and out of the PSVR head­set, and PlaySta­tion Move con­trollers are option­al. Sculpt­ing with Move con­trollers “is a very one-to-one expe­ri­ence and lets you ful­ly immerse in the cre­ation process,” accord­ing to Media Mol­e­cule, which sug­gests a Tilt Brush-style UI.

It should be easy enough to dis­cov­er new VR expe­ri­ences once the update has been avail­able for a while. Cre­ators will be able to spec­i­fy whether their con­tent is VR-com­pat­i­ble or not and also give it a com­fort rat­ing.

The Dreams “Inside The Box” update will be out for free on July 22nd.

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