All three of Shane Dawson’s pop­u­lar YouTube chan­nels will not be able to earn adver­tis­ing rev­enue for an indef­i­nite peri­od of time.

The move comes after a num­ber of old videos on Dawson’s chan­nels came under scruti­ny for fea­tur­ing racist, anti-Semit­ic, and oth­er offen­sive con­tent. One video, in par­tic­u­lar, has Daw­son mak­ing sex­u­al com­ments about a then-11-year-old Wil­low Smith, which led to Jada Pin­kett Smith and Jaden Smith pub­licly call­ing out Daw­son on Twit­ter.

The length of Dawson’s mon­e­ti­za­tion sus­pen­sion is indef­i­nite but not per­ma­nent, The Verge con­firmed. Tube­filter first report­ed the sto­ry. Dawson’s past behav­ior, which gar­nered a ton of atten­tion over the last few days, was enough for YouTube to take action even though the videos are years old, Tube­filter reports. The affect­ed chan­nels include Shane (22.5 mil­lion sub­scribers), Shane Daw­son TV (8.4 mil­lion sub­scribers), and Shane Glossin (3.7 mil­lion sub­scribers).

The com­pa­ny told The Verge that in rare but dam­ag­ing sit­u­a­tions like this one, YouTube has a respon­si­bil­i­ty to pro­tect its cre­ator com­mu­ni­ty and adver­tis­ers. Even if a creator’s cur­rent con­tent doesn’t vio­late the company’s guide­lines, when past videos are brought to the company’s atten­tion, it has a respon­si­bil­i­ty to take action. The impact of Dawson’s videos, as well as on and off plat­form behav­ior, war­rant­ed that action, accord­ing to YouTube.

“It’s some­thing that I shouldn’t be able to get out of — I should lose every­thing for that.”

Although Dawson’s use of black­face in past videos has been brought up before, the cre­ator faced new crit­i­cism after mak­ing a video last week address­ing his past behav­ior. Daw­son said in the video that he used to use black­face “a lot,” not­ing that while he tried to excuse the behav­ior a few years ago, he’s try­ing to take account­abil­i­ty now.

“I don’t even ful­ly know how to apol­o­gize because it seems like some­thing that is irre­deemable,” Daw­son says in the new video. “It’s some­thing that I shouldn’t be able to get out of — I should lose every­thing for that.”

Although YouTube is tak­ing action, it’s not per­ma­nent. Daw­son is one of the platform’s most pop­u­lar cre­ators, but YouTube seems to be mak­ing an exam­ple out of Dawson’s past while pro­tect­ing the cre­ator com­mu­ni­ty and the com­pa­ny. Many of these videos were put on YouTube years ago, also prompt­ing ques­tions about why YouTube didn’t take action before if they have a respon­si­bil­i­ty to do so — these videos are brought up mul­ti­ple times over the years by fans on social media. Com­pa­nies like Tar­get have also con­firmed they’re remov­ing Dawson’s books from their shelves.

Oth­er cre­ators, includ­ing Jen­na Mar­bles and Liza Koshy, have also come for­ward over the last few days to apol­o­gize for using racist and stereo­typ­i­cal depic­tions while play­ing char­ac­ters in their past videos. Mar­bles announced she was leav­ing YouTube last week. Daw­son hasn’t said what he plans to do.

“A lot of that is stuff you will prob­a­bly nev­er for­give me for, and you may not have known about those old videos, I 100 per­cent under­stand,” Daw­son said in his recent video.

Update June 30th, 12:43pm ET: The sto­ry has been updat­ed with addi­tion­al infor­ma­tion from YouTube.

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