Fortnite’s icon­ic Bat­tle Royale game mode took the world by storm, and today, Epic Games has announced that it’ll final­ly be remov­ing the ear­ly access label from both the free-to-play shoot­er and the less pop­u­lar orig­i­nal Save the World mode. Epic also announced that Save the World will con­tin­ue to be a paid title sep­a­rate from the free-to-play Bat­tle Royale, and with the “offi­cial” launch, it’ll start slow­ing down the release of con­tent for Save the World.

The ear­ly access label for Fort­nite is actu­al­ly a holdover from when Epic Games first released Save the World back in May 2017 as a paid ear­ly access title — but it’s per­sist­ed on all ver­sions of Fort­nite until now, despite that it’s per­haps the most pop­u­lar game in the world right now.

‘Fort­nite’ final­ly gets an “offi­cial” release

Save the World, a co-op sur­vival game — orig­i­nal­ly described as a com­bi­na­tion of Minecraft and Left 4 Dead — actu­al­ly pre­dates its far more pop­u­lar Bat­tle Royale spin­off (which orig­i­nal­ly launched as a sec­ondary mode before being turned into its own free-to-play title) by a few months. After the suc­cess of Fortnite’s free-to-play Bat­tle Royale mode, Epic had planned to make Save the World sim­i­lar­ly free, but with today’s announce­ment, it seems those plans have changed as it slows down devel­op­ment on Save the World instead.

As part of those changes, Epic has also said that it’ll be slow­ing down sup­port for new cos­met­ics from Bat­tle Royale mode in Save the World — although the com­pa­ny promis­es that play­ers exist­ing cos­met­ics and items will con­tin­ue to work in both modes.

Epic has also announced that Save the World will be switch­ing to a sea­son­al mod­el where exist­ing events (like the win­ter Frost­nite event) will recur annu­al­ly on a sep­a­rate sched­ule from the Bat­tle Royale mode. There are also plans for “Ven­tures” sea­sons that will fea­ture new zones and addi­tion­al mod­i­fiers to allow play­ers to con­tin­ue to progress in a replayable fash­ion, although details are still slim.

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