Where Cards Fall won an Apple Design Award on Mon­day.


This sto­ry is part of CNET’s cov­er­age of Apple Arcade, includ­ing exclu­sive first looks we got at some of the ser­vice’s high-pro­file new games. 

Apple Arcade games Where Cards Fall and Say­onara Wild Hearts both won an Apple Design Award on Mon­day, accord­ing to a release. The award rec­og­nized the two games and six oth­ers for out­stand­ing app design, inno­va­tion, inge­nu­ity and tech­ni­cal achieve­ment. Both games are avail­able on Apple’s $4.99-a-month sub­scrip­tion gam­ing ser­vice Apple Arcade, which includes a grow­ing cat­a­log of over 1,200 games.

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Say­onara Wild Hearts, from devel­op­er Simogo and pub­lish­er Anna­pur­na Inter­ac­tive, com­bines pop music and motor­cy­cle rac­ing for a fast-paced, vivid adven­ture. In the col­or­ful game, a young wom­an’s heart­break dis­turbs the bal­ance of the uni­verse. She leaves her bed­room and fol­lows a dia­mond but­ter­fly to high­ways in the sky. Once she begins rac­ing in the astral streets, she encoun­ters her masked oth­er self — The Fool, who’s made of bro­ken heart shards. 


In Decem­ber, the game claimed the title of Apple Arcade Game of the Year, in the tech giant’s first annu­al App Store Best Apps and Games awards.

Where Cards Fall, from devel­op­er The Game Band and pub­lish­er Snow­man, is a nar­ra­tive-dri­ven game where play­ers nav­i­gate for­ma­tive mem­o­ries by build­ing and col­laps­ing hous­es of cards. The game takes the play­er through inse­cu­ri­ties and emo­tions that accom­pa­ny grow­ing up with dreamy spa­tial puz­zles.

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The oth­er Apple Design Award win­ners include Dark­room, a pho­to and video edi­tor from Bergen Co., Looom, an ani­ma­tion by iorama.studio, Shapr 3D, CAD app for iPad from Shapr 3D ZRT, and Staff­Pad, an app that con­verts hand­writ­ten musi­cal nota­tions into dig­i­tal sheet music from Staff­Pad Ltd. Games Sky: Chil­dren of the Light from thatgame­com­pa­ny and Song of Bloom from indie devel­op­er Philipp Stol­len­may­er also won.

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