Your ener­gy alone will help increase sales.

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A while back, the “Tall One,” aka my hus­band, some good friends and I went out for an “it’s-been-way-too-long” dou­ble date.

As always, the best part was our con­ver­sa­tion — which was proven hys­ter­i­cal because I col­lect­ed at least 20 south­ern stares while my loud and proud NJ-self bel­lowed with laugh­ter.

A good night indeed.

But the grand finale was the sales pitch the wait­er gave for the dessert. As he shared the sug­ary treats, he seemed unin­ter­est­ed and sleepy. I thought he might lay down in the booth next to us and call it a night. But then, all of a sud­den, he came to life. (It’s a mir­a­cle!) As he shared the final option, he sound­ed like a kid on Christ­mas morn­ing with the first peek of wrapped presents under the tree. His excite­ment was con­ta­gious and per­sua­sive.

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Before you could say “suck­er,” the choice was, of course, the final com­bo dessert option, a Bananas Fos­ter rum bread pud­ding com­bo. And as he walked away, this table full of sales­peo­ple real­ized we’d been had. His ener­gy close worked. He walked us right to the sale.

The good news is, you can do the same thing.

Chang­ing your speed, tonal­i­ty, and excite­ment doesn’t just work for the finale of a good meal. It works any­time you are try­ing to make a sale. From a one-on-one prospect meet­ing to a speech on stage at the main call to action, to the close on a webi­nar.

Your ener­gy needs to stay high through­out and espe­cial­ly at the close if you want to be effec­tive. If you aren’t excit­ed about the solu­tion, how can you expect your prospect to be excit­ed?

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A few ways to keep your ener­gy up dur­ing a webi­nar:

  1. Play a song that pumps you up before you start to get that heart rac­ing and ener­gy up. I like to full out dance before I start. You can do jump­ing jacks, head­bangs or get your booty shake on. You do you — just more ani­mat­ed.
  2. Stand to give your webi­nar. Use a stand­ing desk or lap­top tray to get the mon­i­tor up because you want it above your head.
  3. Smile dur­ing the entire webi­nar. It sounds crazy pants, but it gives off your enthu­si­asm for what you are shar­ing on-screen.

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Watch for the con­tent and for my ener­gy dur­ing the pre­sen­ta­tion. See how it changes at the close and in my final words on the screen. Take notes and be ready to give the enthu­si­as­tic close.

And then walk your prospect to the close.

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