Entre­pre­neur Fran­chise 500 Rank: 61

Ini­tial invest­ment: $89,619 to $125,023

Ini­tial fran­chise fee: $37,500 to $51,500

New units in 2019: ‑16 units (-0.9 per­cent)

Found­ed in 1979 and fran­chis­ing since 1980, Mer­ry Maids boasts over 1,000 clean­ing fran­chis­es in the U.S., rely­ing on a two-per­son, home-clean­ing for its fran­chisees. Its web­site lists some of the busi­ness’s biggest untapped mar­kets, which include New York City and Cleve­land.

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