There are a few things in this episode of The Verge­cast that you don’t want to miss. In a busy week that includ­ed a fold­able phone review, a Sam­sung hard­ware event, and a huge merg­er, we’ve got the per­fect peo­ple to dis­cuss all of this on our pod­cast.

Exec­u­tive edi­tor of The Verge and co-host of The Verge­cast Dieter Bohn reviewed Motorola’s updat­ed Razr with a fold­able screen. He also attend­ed an event where Sam­sung revealed its own fold­able phone, the Galaxy Z Flip. Dieter com­pares the two phones based on his first look at the Flip and also exam­ines whether the fea­tures of the phone are worth the price.

Dur­ing the sec­ond half of the show, edi­tor-in-chief of The Verge Nilay Patel exerts his exper­tise on antitrust pol­i­cy by explain­ing why the court let T‑Mobile and Sprint merge after a long tri­al, and the com­pli­cat­ed plan to turn Dish Net­work into the fourth nation­al wire­less car­ri­er.

Of course, we can’t for­get the seg­ment Paul Miller presents the lis­ten­er each week “Bring back Bump.” So lis­ten through the show here or through a pod­cast play­er of your choice to get all of the most impor­tant news in tech this week.

Sto­ries dis­cussed this week:

Motoro­la Razr review: fold­ing flip phone flops Motoro­la Razr under­goes iFixit’s ‘most com­pli­cat­ed’ tear­down yet Sam­sung learned some tough lessons from the Galaxy Fold deba­cle Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip beats the Motoro­la Razr in near­ly every way Sam­sung Galaxy Z Flip first look: fold­ing glass changes every­thing The Galaxy S20 is the first high-refresh dis­play phone many peo­ple will own Why Samsung’s 108-megapix­el cam­era isn’t just a gim­mick All of the biggest announce­ments from Samsung’s Galaxy S20 event Sam­sung con­firms its Air­Drop-like ‘Quick Share’ is launch­ing on the Galaxy S20 Here’s how Samsung’s Galaxy S20 stacks up against the Pix­el 4, One­Plus 7T, and more Samsung’s reg­u­lar Galaxy S20 doesn’t sup­port ultra-fast 5G Samsung’s Galaxy S20, Plus, and Ultra first look: cam­eras, 5G, and 120Hz screens Sam­sung con­firms its Air­Drop-like ‘Quick Share’ is launch­ing on the Galaxy S20 T‑Mobile and Sprint win law­suit and will be allowed to merge The court let T‑Mobile buy Sprint because Sprint com­plete­ly sucks

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