This week, Apple began rolling out a new update to its Quick Look aug­ment­ed real­i­ty tool, let­ting iPhone and iPad users check out prod­ucts in AR and then buy them direct­ly.

Quick Look already let retail­ers offer an AR pre­view of their prod­ucts by upload­ing a flat stick­er or 3D prod­uct mod­el so shop­pers could see how a prod­uct might look in a real-world space. Now, TechCrunch says that retail­ers can add a new but­ton into that AR pre­view, which could let a cus­tomer imme­di­ate­ly buy that prod­uct using Apple Pay, for exam­ple.

Home Depot, Way­fair, and 1–800-Flowers already sup­port Quick Look, accord­ing to TechCrunch. So if you are look­ing to buy flow­ers, you can see how the vase and bou­quet might look on a table or you can see how that new couch from Way­fair could look in your liv­ing room.

Apple debuted Quick Look in 2018 with the release of ARK­it 2, but you could only browse AR mod­els. If you want­ed to do fur­ther research or buy the item, you’d have to close Quick Look and go to the product’s web­site or app your­self — but one of these new but­tons, in the­o­ry, could take you direct­ly to the buy page.

Apple also start­ed qui­et­ly rolling out spa­tial audio sup­port to Quick Look’s iOS and iPad OS devel­op­er builds. This upgrade adds appro­pri­ate sounds to the 3D mod­els, such as a speak­er blast­ing music.

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