Google is expand­ing its grasp on retail­ers. In a blog post today, Google announced that it’s pur­chased Pointy, a Dublin-based start­up that helps local retail­ers sell their prod­ucts online. The deal is expect­ed to close in the weeks to come.

Cur­rent­ly, Pointy allows sell­ers to either use an app or spe­cial bar code scan­ner to keep up-to-date inven­to­ry infor­ma­tion on in-store prod­ucts. That way, a shop­per could more eas­i­ly pur­chase a prod­uct online and pick it up in-store, rather than going with a larg­er retail­er like Ama­zon or Wal­mart. Google Shop­ping already does inven­to­ry list­ings for near­by brick-and-mor­tar stores, so it makes sense it would want to improve how it gath­ers that data to ensure it’s as accu­rate and com­pre­hen­sive as pos­si­ble.

“One of the chal­lenges small mer­chants face is get­ting their in-store inven­to­ry infor­ma­tion online in a way that is easy to man­age and reli­ably up to date,” reads Google’s announce­ment post. “Since orga­niz­ing the world’s infor­ma­tion is core to what we do, we’ve been work­ing to make it eas­i­er for local mer­chants to bet­ter show­case their prod­ucts to inter­est­ed shop­pers on Google.”

Nei­ther Google nor Pointy dis­closed the deal amount, but Yahoo Finance reports that the acqui­si­tion is a $163M deal. “By join­ing forces, we will be able to help peo­ple dis­cov­er local stores and prod­ucts on a much larg­er scale,” said Pointy’s founders in a state­ment. “We think this is the right way to accom­plish what we set out to do — to bring the world’s retail­ers online and give them the tools they need to thrive.”

Illus­tra­tion by Alex Cas­tro / The Verge

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