Exter­nal speak­ers will allow dri­vers to talk to pedes­tri­ans with­out open­ing a win­dow, or play pre-record­ed clips to passers-by.

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This sto­ry orig­i­nal­ly appeared on PC Mag

Every so often, Elon Musk tweets about a new Tes­la fea­ture we nev­er thought we need­ed, and he’s just done it again. Tes­la is adding the abil­i­ty to talk to pedes­tri­ans from inside its vehi­cles with­out need­ing to open a win­dow.

As Engad­get reports, the new fea­ture relies on the exter­nal speak­ers Tes­la is adding to its vehi­cles to com­ply with Euro­pean and US arti­fi­cial sound reg­u­la­tions. Those sounds are required to allow pedes­tri­ans to hear elec­tric vehi­cles trav­el­ing at slow speeds. A speak­er can be used for lots of dif­fer­ent types of audio, though, so why not voice, too?

As well as act­ing like an inter­com, pre-record­ed audio clips will be sup­port­ed, with Musk stat­ing that includes fart sounds. More seri­ous­ly, though, the play­ing of exter­nal audio will be added as a fea­ture of Sen­try mode, which Musk says should lead to “some epic rob­ber con­fu­sion.”

Elec­tric cars that can play audio exter­nal­ly is going to become a stan­dard fea­ture because they need to emit a noise as they dri­ve. Unless new rules come in stat­ing that’s all they are allowed to be used for, I sus­pect the inter­com fea­ture will become pop­u­lar across all vehi­cles. If noth­ing else, it would cer­tain­ly improve the expe­ri­ence of vis­it­ing a dri­ve-through in the rain.

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