Did San­ta bring you an Apple Watch for the hol­i­days? Then you’ve no doubt dis­cov­ered it’s good for two days, tops, before need­ing to recharge. And that can pose prob­lems when you’re trav­el­ing. You have to bring along the lit­tle charg­ing disc from your night­stand, find yet anoth­er out­let to plug it into and risk los­ing it along the way.

A bet­ter solu­tion: Pack a mobile charg­er that’s also an Apple Watch charg­er. Like this one: For a lim­it­ed time, and while sup­plies last, Zip­Ko­rd has the 3SIXT Jet­pak Apple Watch Dual Pow­er Bank for $29.99 with pro­mo code ZKCS1. (If you’re not into mon­key­ing around with codes, you can use this link to go direct­ly to check­out with the dis­count already applied.)

See it at Zip­ko­rd

The Jet­pak fea­tures a 5,200-mAh recharge­able bat­tery. Although it’s not spec­i­fied how many times you’d be able to recharge your watch, let’s do some math: The Apple Watch Series 3 has a 279-mAh bat­tery. In the­o­ry, you’d be able to ful­ly recharge it around 18 times. I don’t know if that’s any­where near the real­i­ty, but even if you get just, say, 10 charges, that should last you most trips.

Of course, that’s if you use the Jet­pak to charge only your Apple Watch. It has a Type‑A USB port as well, so you can also use it to charge a phone, wire­less ear­buds or the like. But that’ll reduce the avail­able juice for your watch, natch.

One thing to note: The specs indi­cate sup­port for Apple Watch Series 1–4; there’s no men­tion of the Series 5. My guess is that’s sim­ply due to a lack of spec updates, as the Series 5 is iden­ti­cal to its pre­de­ces­sors, charg­ing-wise. I can’t say it with 100% cer­tain­ty, but this should work with the Series 5.

Mean­while, here are some oth­er great cheap acces­sories for your Apple Watch.

Look­ing for super-cheap phone ser­vice? Here’s 6 months for $42

Speak­ing of trav­el, I’m a big believ­er in car­ry­ing an inex­pen­sive back­up phone, just in case your reg­u­lar one gets lost, stolen, bro­ken or what­ev­er. Ide­al­ly that back­up phone will have ser­vice, hope­ful­ly inex­pen­sive as well.

Here’s one option: For a lim­it­ed time, you can get a 6‑month Tel­lo Pre­paid Plan with 2GB of LTE data for $41.65. That’s after apply­ing pro­mo code CHEAP15 at check­out.

See it at ZDNet Acad­e­my

Before I say any­thing fur­ther, let me say this: read all the terms and con­di­tions. There are no gotchas to speak of, but you need to make sure this will work for you. For starters, you need an unlocked, CDMA-com­pat­i­ble phone or one of a select set of iPhone or Nexus mod­els. (See Tel­lo’s com­pat­i­bil­i­ty page for more info.)

Assum­ing you’re all good, this looks like a great plan for those who have good Sprint cov­er­age and can get by on 2GB of LTE data per month. (After you hit that lim­it, you get unlim­it­ed data, but at 2G speed.) I mean, it lit­er­al­ly works out to just $7 per month. Does­n’t get any cheap­er than that!

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