Apple Arcade has so far been a great repos­i­to­ry for pol­ished, off­beat indie games that are best explored when you have some qui­et time and per­haps no inter­net con­nec­tion.

The lat­est entry into the iOS sub­scrip­tion game ser­vice is dif­fer­ent. It’s a flashy mul­ti­play­er bat­tle royale shoot­er, kind of like Fort­nite — except it’s more kid-friend­ly, with a food fight theme instead of guns and bul­lets and a top-down design that gives it the look and feel of clas­sic dun­geon crawlers. It’s called But­ter Royale, and it’s avail­able today for all Apple Arcade sub­scribers.

‘But­ter Royale’ is a non­vi­o­lent shoot­er fea­tur­ing food-themed weapons

But isn’t Fort­nite already kid-friend­ly? you might ask. Well, sort of. You still shoot peo­ple with guns that are mod­eled after real-life firearms. But­ter Royale is tak­ing a more direct, no-gun approach to its game design that’s sim­i­lar in many ways to Nintendo’s Spla­toon, and its cre­ators are even build­ing that into the loose game lore of the shoot­er.

“Set in the near future, after a glob­al ban on weapons, con­tes­tants engage in food fights on But­ter Island to sat­is­fy their hunger for com­pet­i­tive action. Con­tes­tants use ‘Nutri­tion­al­ly Oper­at­ed Machines’ (NOMs) to launch food at one anoth­er dur­ing five minute match­es, while try­ing to escape floods of but­ter to get to safe zones,” reads the game descrip­tion. Some of the weapons have amaz­ing and absurd names like the Mayonator3000, Bread­zooka, and Sni­parme­san.

Grid View

The devel­op­er, a Sin­ga­pore stu­dio called Mighty Bear Games that grew out of Can­dy Crush mak­er King’s local Sin­ga­pore­an office, wants to be clear that it’s mak­ing an inclu­sive, non­vi­o­lent game that kids of all ages can enjoy.

“We designed But­ter Royale to push the enve­lope on fun and inclu­siv­i­ty. We want every­one in the fam­i­ly to love it and see them­selves rep­re­sent­ed in the game, from young chil­dren to grand­par­ents,” CEO Simon Davis said in a state­ment. “It is also impor­tant to us that But­ter Royale is a non­vi­o­lent shoot­er, so younger play­ers can safe­ly join in. The food-fight theme was per­fect for that.”

But­ter Royale fea­tures an offline mode where you play against AI. But in its online ver­sion, 32 play­ers com­pete either as a solo par­tic­i­pant or in squads of four in five-minute match­es where they try to take down oppo­nents, stock­pile resources, and out­run the encroach­ing but­ter storm. Play­ers can choose from up to 52 char­ac­ters to play as that span “diverse back­grounds, age, and gen­ders.” Like all Apple Arcade titles, there are zero micro­trans­ac­tions.

Image: Mighty Bear Games

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