Ama­zon has lift­ed its ban on FedEx Ground and Home ship­ping ser­vices after ini­tial­ly pro­hibit­ing its third-par­ty Mar­ket­place sell­ers from using the com­pa­ny over the hol­i­day sea­son. The news, which was report­ed on Tues­day by CNBC, means Mar­ket­place sell­ers will be able to use the poten­tial­ly cheap­er options from FedEx over Amazon’s own ship­ping plat­form and UPS start­ing today, Jan­u­ary 14th, at 5PM ET, accord­ing to a notice sent out by Ama­zon.

Ama­zon first imposed a ban on FedEx Ground and Home ser­vices last month, cit­ing FedEx’s “deliv­ery per­for­mance” and its con­cern for qual­i­ty con­trol with regards to pack­age deliv­ery dur­ing the high-vol­ume hol­i­day sea­son. There was con­cern at the time from some small busi­ness own­ers that the ban would dis­pro­por­tion­ate­ly affect more cost-con­scious sell­ers who relied on FedEx’s cheap­er options to still qual­i­fy for Prime, as the Prime label great­ly improves prod­uct vis­i­bil­i­ty and place­ment in Ama­zon search results and on cat­e­go­ry land­ing pages.

Ama­zon and FedEx are in a heat­ed com­pe­ti­tion over pack­age deliv­ery

Ama­zon said the ban would be tem­po­rary, but it was also demand­ing sell­ers either switch to UPS or anoth­er pro­vid­ed ship­ping option to qual­i­fy for Prime or pay out of pock­et for FedEx Express. Alter­na­tive­ly, sell­ers could remove Prime labels from their prod­ucts and offer FedEx Ground or Home as an option­al paid ship­ping option. Accord­ing to CNBC, Ama­zon says it is once again con­tent with FedEx’s deliv­ery per­for­mance, so it’s lift­ing the ban today.

Ama­zon and FedEx no longer work togeth­er after FedEx first declined to renew its FedEx Express con­tract with Ama­zon for air ship­ments in June and then end­ed its ground ship­ping con­tract two months lat­er. Ama­zon now relies on a mix of UPS and its own Flex deliv­ery plat­form that’s mod­eled like Uber as well as a series of third-par­ty con­trac­tors. Although, until the ini­tial FedEx ban, Ama­zon allowed its Mar­ket­place sell­ers to use FedEx ser­vices.

Ama­zon has spent bil­lions of dol­lars over the last decade to build out its own deliv­ery infra­struc­ture as a way to even­tu­al­ly reduce costs it incurs by rely­ing on third-par­ty com­pa­nies. In its last quar­ter, Ama­zon spent $9.6 bil­lion on ful­fill­ment, in part to sup­port one-day Prime ship­ping. The com­pa­ny is now approach­ing the total pack­age vol­ume of both FedEx and UPS in the US and is on pace to sur­pass both.

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