It’s a bonus episode of The Verge­cast! Dieter Bohn sits down with Tom War­ren and Dan Seifert to go over all of our reviews of Microsoft’s new Sur­face hard­ware. The Sur­face line changed up this year with new proces­sors, entire­ly new mod­els, and new sizes. So we have decid­ed to go much deep­er into the top­ics that we couldn’t fit into our reviews.

Want to know what hap­pens when Tom uses the Sur­face Pro X with only ARM-native apps? What hap­pens when Dieter buys and returns three dif­fer­ent Sur­faces in his quest to get the per­fect Microsoft tablet? What hap­pens when Dan tries to export video on a 15-inch Sur­face Lap­top? All that and much more is in this redux of the big reviews of Microsoft’s Sur­face line­up for 2019.

Here are the sto­ries men­tioned and fea­tured in this episode:

Microsoft Sur­face Lap­top 3 15-inch review: it’s a big­ger Sur­face Lap­top

Microsoft Sur­face Lap­top 3 13.5‑inch review: have a nor­mal one

Microsoft Sur­face Pro 7 review: I wish this looked like a Sur­face Pro X

Microsoft Sur­face Pro X review: heart­break­er

Sur­face Pro X vs. Pro 7: ARM needs some legs

Microsoft bet against Intel with its new Sur­faces — and lost

Microsoft unveils new Edge brows­er logo that no longer looks like Inter­net Explor­er

Microsoft’s Edge Chromi­um brows­er will launch on Jan­u­ary 15th with a new logo

Microsoft pre­views the future of Office doc­u­ments with Flu­id Frame­work for the web

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