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How many times have you said that you’d like to read more? And yet, that book list just keeps grow­ing. In the busi­ness world, miss­ing out on the newest books and ideas can actu­al­ly hold you back from get­ting ahead, which is all the more rea­son to find a way to read more. With 12min, you can.

This inno­v­a­tive book sum­ma­ry ser­vice gives you access to hun­dreds of micro books cov­er­ing a wide vari­ety of top­ics and gen­res. Each sum­ma­ry is avail­able in text and nar­ra­tive form so you can con­sume them how­ev­er you please. Every month, the 12min team sends you 30 new titles, each designed to be digest­ed in just 12 min­utes so you can “read” mul­ti­ple books on a half-hour train ride. You can also search for any title in their exten­sive library or make sug­ges­tions for new sum­maries so the 12min team can add them to their library. You can even send them to your Kin­dle Account so you can enjoy with­out inter­net access.

Read more in less time. You can get Pre­mi­um-lev­el access to 12min for life for just $29 or for one year for just $19.

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