Apple could change up the design of the iPhone 12 in 2020 and sur­prise us with a new, yet famil­iar look. We round­ed up all the rumors about the next iPhone’s design and fea­tures, includ­ing a four-cam­era array. On this week’s Apple Core roundup, we also check in on the lat­est rumors about Apple’s AR glass­es and find out why Apple TV Plus is mak­ing waves.

What will the iPhone look like in 2020?

The iPhone 11 is old news in the world of Apple leaks and rumors, so it’s time to spec­u­late about what we’ll see on the 2020 iPhone.

Let’s recap some of the basics about what we’re expect­ing from the rumors so far: 5G sup­port, 120Hz refresh rates, a time-of-flight cam­era and a new design. Long­time Apple ana­lyst Ming-Chi Kuo has also said that Apple may reduce the screen size of the 2020 ver­sion of the iPhone 11 Pro. Instead of the 5.8‑inch screen it has now, it would be 5.4 inch­es.

Phon­eAre­na has con­sol­i­dat­ed many of the rumors into some intrigu­ing ren­ders that show the site’s con­cept of what the iPhone 12 may look like.

A ren­der of what the iPhone 12 could look like.

Phone Are­na

You’ll notice the round­ed cor­ners we know from today’s iPhones are all but gone. Instead, the design may look more like the iPhone 4 and 5 from years past. Those flat edges and sharp­er lines harken back to the old­er design. It would­n’t be a com­plete sur­prise if Apple decides to go back to this aes­thet­ic, espe­cial­ly con­sid­er­ing the redesigned iPad Pro from 2018.

After mov­ing to the three-cam­era array on this year’s iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, Apple may add a time-of-flight cam­era. Some oth­er phones such as the Galaxy Note 10 Plus have this cam­era to help cap­ture depth infor­ma­tion. This could do a num­ber of things like help with AR map­ping, but could also mean we final­ly get the abil­i­ty to have por­trait mode in video.

Anoth­er ren­der from Phone Are­na.

Phone Are­na

How­ev­er, these ren­ders show a four-cam­era array with all the lens­es (includ­ing the time-of-flight cam­era) being the same size. It seems like­ly that this fourth cam­era would be small­er giv­en the exam­ples we’ve seen from oth­er phone man­u­fac­tur­ers, like the Huawei P30 Pro.

Apple + Valve = AR glass­es

We first report­ed that Apple was work­ing on some sort of AR head­set or glass­es back in 2018. 

Ini­tial­ly, it was thought the glass­es would have 8K dis­plays and be able to work across both AR and VR, with no exte­ri­or sen­sors need­ed for track­ing and posi­tion­ing. But oth­er rumors pre­dict­ed the glass­es would be teth­ered more close­ly to the iPhone, using it as the main brain to over­lay texts, games, maps and more on your field of vision.

A few weeks ago we heard rumors that Apple would part­ner with anoth­er com­pa­ny to bring the tech­nol­o­gy to mar­ket. This week, Dig­iTimes via MacRu­mors reports that Apple’s part­ner­ing with game devel­op­er Valve.

Valve already has a VR head­set of its own called the Index that came out ear­li­er this year. Apple and Valve have worked togeth­er pre­vi­ous­ly to bring VR sup­port to MacOS High Sier­ra in 2017.

The mar­ket for smart glass­es and head­sets is grow­ing. Ana­lyst firm CCS Insights pre­dict that 75 mil­lion VR and AR devices to ship in 2023.

Now play­ing: Watch this: iPhone 12 ren­ders show a retro-look­ing design 5:49 Apple TV Plus launch­es with some sur­pris­es

Apple TV Plus arrived last week across many dif­fer­ent plat­forms includ­ing iOS, Apple TV, the web and even some Fire TV and Roku devices. While it can’t match Net­flix, Prime, Hulu and of course Dis­ney Plus for cat­a­log, it may have some oth­er tricks up its sleeve. For starters, it’s free for the first year if you have bought an eli­gi­ble Apple device.

Shows on Apple TV Plus also have the high­est-qual­i­ty of any stream­ing ser­vice in 4K, accord­ing to a forum post report­ed by 9to5Mac. Shows like See aver­aged around 29Mbps and peaked at 41Mbps when stream­ing over an Apple TV 4K box.

Apple TV Plus does auto­mat­i­cal­ly adjust the stream­ing qual­i­ty depen­dent on band­width, but unlike Net­flix, for exam­ple, there’s no way to man­u­al­ly select your stream­ing rate for now.

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