Spi­der-Man is a clas­sic on Google’s list of most-searched cos­tumes. 

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Google Trends on Tues­day shared its annu­al roundup of the most-searched Hal­loween cos­tumes, and it includes Spi­der-Man, Fort­nite and plen­ty of clowns — both creepy and not. The list also fea­tures witch­es, dinosaurs and uni­corns.

The top 10 search­es in the US last month were:

1) It2) Witch3) Spi­der-Man4) Dinosaur5) Descendants6) Clown7) Fortnite8) Chucky9) 1980s10) Uni­corn

Spi­der-Man, clowns and uni­corns are old favorites that made their way back to this year’s list, Google says. 

Google’s Fright­geist map also shows which cos­tumes are being searched for in dif­fer­ent cities. Chucky is the top cos­tume around Los Ange­les, for exam­ple, and Descen­dants is the top around New York City. 

The list of Top 10 cou­ples cos­tumes includes Lilo and Stitch, Bon­nie and Clyde, and Adam and Eve. 

For group cos­tumes, Descen­dants, Fort­nite and Stranger Things topped the list. The release of Toy Sto­ry 4 also helped shape the search­es. Forky was the “biggest break­out cos­tume search of this year,” Google says, and “Bo Peep cos­tume” is up by 300 per­cent.

Peo­ple also are look­ing for ways to get their pets in on the fun. The most-searched pet cos­tumes include Chucky dog cos­tume, Pen­ny­wise dog cos­tume and Bat­man dog cos­tume. Search­es for “Demogor­gon cos­tume” from Stranger Things were up 300 per­cent this year, Google says.

And let’s not for­get adorable baby cos­tumes. Top­ping that list are banana, Dal­ma­t­ian and Grinch. 

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First pub­lished Oct. 8.Update, Oct. 9: Adds more infor­ma­tion on search­es.

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