Apple Arcade is a new kind of App Store. One where eclec­tic, indie and orig­i­nal con­tent can shine. A place where gamers can play with­out being hound­ed by ads or strong-armed into spend­ing on in-app pur­chas­es. But unlike the orig­i­nal App Store, Apple Arcade’s mar­ket­place is a black box. There’s no way for con­sumers or devel­op­ers to find out if Arcade pro­duces a break­out hit game or even which app every­one is play­ing right now.

That’s because Apple Arcade has ditched one of the App Store’s core com­po­nents: the Top Charts.

Tra­di­tion­al­ly, the App Store’s Top Charts high­light­ed which games are most pop­u­lar, based on down­loads, veloc­i­ty, and oth­er sig­nals Apple nev­er dis­closed. On the main App Store, users can browse these top-ranked apps and games, includ­ing both free and paid titles. And through APIs, app store intel­li­gence firms like App Annie, Sen­sor Tow­er, and oth­ers gain access to even more data — like top gross­ing apps and games, for exam­ple.

How­ev­er, fol­low­ing the Apple Arcade sub­scrip­tion service’s launch, these firms told TechCrunch that Apple is not expos­ing any of the data that providers such as them­selves have typ­i­cal­ly had access to in order to gen­er­ate down­load and rev­enue esti­mates. There is some expec­ta­tion that could change in time, but it’s not clear if or when that will be.

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