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Dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing in 2020 will be decid­ed­ly mul­ti-chan­nel. Mes­sen­ger bot plat­form ManyChat’s recent Con­ver­sa­tions Con­fer­ence 2019, held in Austin, embraced this by rein­forc­ing key themes includ­ing omnipres­ence and per­son­al­iza­tion. In a launch rem­i­nis­cent of Steve Jobs, founder Mikael Yang revealed a long list of new Many­Chat fea­tures, such as the excit­ing mul­ti-chan­nel abil­i­ty to auto­mate SMS and Email con­ver­sa­tions along­side Face­book Mes­sen­ger chats. 

Regard­less of whether you’re ready for mes­sen­ger apps, these 13 strate­gies from #Conversations2019 will help you increase con­ver­sions across all of the dig­i­tal chan­nels you decide to embrace.

1. “Personalization is the new conversion rate optimization.”

Dig­i­tal influ­encer and New York Times best-sell­ing author Neil Patel shared a sim­ple, but pow­er­ful hack to revive uncon­vert­ed leads. It’s essen­tial­ly the text ver­sion of Dean Jackson’s 9‑word email. Send a per­son­al­ized text mes­sage with the recip­i­en­t’s first name and you’re almost cer­tain to get a response. Once you make con­tact, reply with some­thing like, “I’ve been think­ing about a few ways you can improve [insert client]‘s biggest need. Are you avail­able at 9 a.m. or 2 p.m. on Tues­day for a call where I can share?”

2. “Delegate outcomes, not tasks.”

Agency men­tor and advi­sor Jason Swenk’s top pro­duc­tiv­i­ty tip is to hire peo­ple smarter than you, then get out of the way and let them find the best path to the goal.

3. “Think about how people are consuming information. Chop longform pieces into bite-sized, tap-and-swipe-worthy content.”

As keynote speak­er and best-sell­ing author Mari Smith observed, sto­ries are becom­ing a lead­ing con­tent for­mat. Instead of wor­ry­ing about how long it takes to cre­ate con­tent that’s des­tined to dis­ap­pear, devel­op ways to repur­pose that con­tent now that it’s less per­ma­nent. At the moment, adver­tis­ing in sto­ries is also rel­a­tive­ly cheap, because inven­to­ry is high com­pared to the num­ber of adver­tis­ers tar­get­ing the for­mat.

4. Use creative calls to action during live videos to spark engagement.

Pre­pared Per­former founder Mol­ly Mohoney not­ed that com­ments with mul­ti­ple words dri­ve viral­i­ty in today’s Face­book algo­rithm. To keep cre­ators from gam­ing the sys­tem, Face­book penal­izes reach on posts that direct­ly ask for likes, shares or com­ments. Mohoney sug­gests request­ing com­ments using unique words that fit your brand. Her ask is, “When­ev­er you hear some­thing help­ful, use the hash­tag #nugget and tell me what you’ve learned.”

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5. “If you wait for your content to be perfect, 10,000 other people will have already talked about your topic.”

Zucker­berg Insti­tute founder Ran­di Zucker­berg is indeed Mark’s sis­ter, and it’s why she nick­named her­self the “oth­er Zucker­berg.” But as an ear­ly employ­ee at Face­book and the cre­ator of Face­book Live, she knows a lit­tle some­thing about con­tent. Addi­tion­al­ly, her inspi­ra­tional talk (viewed by many as the best of the week­end) paint­ed a pic­ture of how women — and inci­den­tal­ly, every under­dog — can lever­age media and brand to excel in today’s tech land­scape. Don’t wait, pub­lish now.

6. “Numbers don’t matter if people don’t care.”

Stel­lar Media Mar­ket­ing own­er Kel­ly Mirabel­la recv­om­mends you avoid build­ing large audi­ences for vanity’s sake. Prune your lists down to those that are reg­u­lar­ly engaged. Most social plat­forms now lim­it or ampli­fy reach based on user engage­ment. Small­er mes­sen­ger audi­ences mean low­er sub­scrip­tion costs and spon­sored ad fees, social posts with high engage­ment get reward­ed with more organ­ic reach, and high­er email open rates help your mes­sages hit the pri­ma­ry inbox.

7. “It’s always a good idea to invest in automation.”

Per Bot­Builder CEO Matt Leitz, automa­tion con­serves resources, allow­ing for human inter­ac­tion when it’s most fruit­ful. Auto­mate viral­i­ty by putting share but­tons at the end of any flow users find valu­able.

8. “Use a recorded video conference to collect client testimonials.”

Mis­fit Media co-founders Jace Kovace­vich and Brett Lin­klet­ter advise inter­view­ing your clients to prompt the respons­es you think will be most impact­ful. Prep them before­hand on what you’ll ask, and how to respond so they look and feel pol­ished.
Use the tes­ti­mo­ni­als you col­lect for the next tip….

9. Love-Demo-Love Video Ad

Smart Mar­keter CEO Ezra Firestone’s best per­form­ing video ad sand­wich­es a prod­uct demo between two groups of video tes­ti­mo­ni­als (five tes­ti­mo­ni­als per group, each less than 10 sec­onds).

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10. “It’s not about cost per conversion, it’s cost per conversation.”

John Bel­lamy Con­sult­ing CEO John Bel­lamy acknowl­edges that LinkedIn adver­tis­ing is rough­ly eight times more expen­sive than ads on Face­book. How­ev­er, he claims the only real way to deter­mine if LinkedIn ads are a good fit for you is by com­par­ing the cost per con­ver­sa­tion of cre­at­ing tar­get­ed B2B leads.

11. “Set reminders when using Messenger for lead generation.”

Orca Mar­ke­tol­ogy CEO Mack­en­sie Liber­man says that if a com­plet­ed reg­is­tra­tion includes name, email, phone num­ber and sched­ul­ing a phone appoint­ment, you should set a reminder to fire sev­en min­utes after start­ing the chat­bot flow if a name isn’t received. Check for email 14 min­utes in and remind if nec­es­sary. If name and email are present with­out phone, request the phone num­ber 25 min­utes lat­er. If a lead com­pletes the con­tact infor­ma­tion with­out sched­ul­ing an appoint­ment, respond with copy that over­comes the prospec­t’s main objec­tions, then ask if there are oth­er ques­tions. Final­ly, send anoth­er request to sched­ule a call. Con­tin­ue the con­ver­sa­tion with a mes­sage con­firm­ing next steps.

12. Deliver the best user experience by preparing for extreme success.

Mes­sen­ger Mar­ket­ing Experts co-founders Philippe LeCoutre and David Sam­bor show­cased a chat­bot that sold over three mil­lion dol­lars in one hour for Tony Rob­bins, Dean Graziosi and Rus­sell Brun­son. Such a high-pro­file launch was like­ly to over­load the sales sys­tem APIs, so LeCoutre and Sam­bor built in fall­back sequences to rec­og­nize and man­age bot­tle­necks.
When the sys­tem became over­loaded, the bot alert­ed the user that too many peo­ple were buy­ing at that moment and request­ed the user try again in 10 min­utes. This turned an oth­er­wise poor user expe­ri­ence into pos­i­tive social proof and FOMO.

13. “Like it or not, embrace the change. Treat the change as an opportunity.”

Many­Chat CEO Yang stressed defin­i­tive­ly that Chat Mar­ket­ing is a high-growth indus­try, and there­fore, change is inevitable and neces­si­tates con­tin­u­ous learn­ing.

Imple­ment­ing these 13 strate­gies will improve not only chat mar­ket­ing, but all of your dig­i­tal con­ver­sa­tions and con­ver­sions head­ing into 2020 and beyond. 

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