YouTube is exper­i­ment­ing with mak­ing video thumb­nails much larg­er on its home­page, accord­ing to sev­er­al screen­shots that appeared on Twit­ter and Red­dit this morn­ing.

The new home­page design, seen in the images below, changes quite a bit about the cur­rent set­up. Videos are no longer grouped by cat­e­gories, few­er videos appear in a line for peo­ple to scroll through, and, yes, the thumb­nails are notice­ably larg­er. It’s unclear just how many peo­ple have been served the new lay­out. We weren’t able to get the design to appear our­selves, so it’s like­ly a lim­it­ed test for now. A YouTube spokesper­son told The Verge the com­pa­ny is “cur­rent­ly test­ing a new home­page lay­out to improve the watch expe­ri­ence for our users.”

So far, it’s not going over well with users. Peo­ple are com­plain­ing that the big­ger thumb­nails make the home­page more dif­fi­cult to scroll through. Oth­ers have called it dis­or­ga­nized and dis­ori­ent­ing.

@YouTube WTF is this zoomed in shit? These arent thumb­nails any more, they are index­es. I AM NOT BLIND­Holy shit, why make this fuck­ing change?

— Rishi (@Rishi_K_S) August 13, 2019

This is not fun­ny, @YouTube. I’m sor­ry, but this is the worst update i’ve ever seen and now home­page is just unus­able, i can’t look at thumb­nails so big, my eyes are in pain right now. You can’t make every­thing gigan­tic, because now every­one behind my back can see my home page.

— card­board­Pro­file (@Kozibackich) August 13, 2019

Some cre­ators on a pop­u­lar YouTube sub­red­dit have sug­gest­ed it’s a mobile-inspired design. YouTube’s mobile app uses big­ger thumb­nails to make images more vis­i­ble, which is sim­i­lar to what’s hap­pen­ing in the redesign. The issue, accord­ing to one cre­ator, is that on the desk­top, it just makes every­thing look clut­tered.

There’s a pos­si­bil­i­ty that YouTube’s redesign is an effort to be more acces­si­ble or that YouTube is test­ing it to gauge reac­tions before iter­at­ing or issu­ing a wider roll­out.

New YouTube Big Thumb­nails Update! from r/youtube

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