Google Assis­tant arrived on Sonos on May 14.


Strug­gling to play Spo­ti­fy or set up Alexa or Google Assis­tant on a new Sonos? You’re not alone. 

In a tweet Wednes­day after­noon the com­pa­ny con­firmed that it was hav­ing issues with Alexa and Google Assis­tant, and play­ing music through Spo­ti­fy. 

“Alexa Voice Con­trol and the Google Assis­tant on Sonos are cur­rent­ly expe­ri­enc­ing some tech­ni­cal issues,” Sonos wrote in the tweet, direct­ing users to a Sonos Sta­tus page that con­firmed the com­pa­ny was indeed expe­ri­enc­ing issues. 

Alexa Voice Con­trol and the Google Assis­tant on Sonos are cur­rent­ly expe­ri­enc­ing some tech­ni­cal issues. As our team looks into it, please check out for updates.

— Sonos Sup­port Team (@SonosSupport) May 15, 2019

Spo­ti­fy and Alexa con­trols were clas­si­fied on the page as expe­ri­enc­ing a “major out­age,” while Google Voice Assis­tant was list­ed as a par­tial out­age. 

The issues come one day after Sonos began rolling out its long-await­ed update to allow for Google Assis­tant inte­gra­tion for its Beam and One smart speak­ers. The com­pa­ny announced both Ama­zon Alexa and Google Assis­tant sup­port back in 2017.

CNET has expe­ri­enced prob­lems with one of the main fea­tures offered by the sound bar — request­ing either Ama­zon Alexa or Google Assis­tant to play a song results in the assis­tant say­ing that it can­not find the speak­er. How­ev­er, in its test­ing CNET found oth­er func­tions do work, includ­ing ask­ing for the weath­er or con­trol­ling a Chrome­cast device. 

A Sonos spokesper­son told CNET it was a “small num­ber of peo­ple” affect­ed but was unable to elab­o­rate on how long the prob­lem would take to resolve. 

CNET has reached out to Sonos for more details and will update this sto­ry as we learn more. 

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