It’s not as sim­ple as cut­ting and post­ing.

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If you’ve been think­ing it might be time to cre­ate a new Face­book video ad and you already have some video con­tent on your web­site, YouTube or social media, repur­pos­ing it can be a smart way to save time and mon­ey. But it’s not as easy as cut­ting and post­ing.

Sure, a video already in your arse­nal makes sense, and you can tech­ni­cal­ly reuse any­thing that fits Face­book’s ad specs, but the ques­tion you should ask your­self is “Will this be suc­cess­ful for the intend­ed video mar­ket­ing pur­pose?”

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Remem­ber that your audi­ences can vary great­ly among dif­fer­ent online venues, in terms of their state of mind, what they are look­ing for and the time they have avail­able. If your orig­i­nal video pro­duc­tion was­n’t cre­at­ed with Face­book in mind, it can def­i­nite­ly affect how it will per­form when trans­ferred to this social media out­let. For exam­ple, if your com­pa­ny’s video was orig­i­nal­ly intend­ed for YouTube audi­ences, you’ll need to update it to tar­get the Face­book view­er, who is typ­i­cal­ly more hur­ried and dis­tract­ed.

Putting a fresh spin on an exist­ing video and opti­miz­ing it for Face­book view­ers isn’t that hard; it just takes a lit­tle plan­ning. Here are a few options you might want to con­sid­er to suc­cess­ful­ly repur­pose a mar­ket­ing video for a Face­book ad.

Do a re-edit session.

Often a sim­ple re-edit of the video can make the video more suc­cess­ful on Face­book. You want to engage your view­ers in the first three sec­onds, so it might be best to get rid of that slow intro or title sequence and instead start with an engag­ing and atten­tion-grab­bing intro.

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Shorten your video.

Face­book surfers have short atten­tion spans, espe­cial­ly con­sid­er­ing the fact that they weren’t search­ing out your video to begin with and will see it as a dis­rup­tion. Short­en­ing the video sig­nif­i­cant­ly for the ad repur­pos­ing is sure to increase the amount of peo­ple will­ing to pause and watch.

Add graphics.

Since your orig­i­nal video was being played in a dif­fer­ent medi­um, you prob­a­bly assumed that your audi­ence would be able to hear the con­tent. But the vast major­i­ty of video views on Face­book actu­al­ly don’t include audio access, accord­ing to Digi­day. Add clear graph­ics to make sure your view­er can get the full mes­sage with­out audio, just in case.

Add subtitles.

An easy way to update your video for Face­book is to sim­ply add sub­ti­tles, assur­ing that your audi­ences will be able to eas­i­ly under­stand what is going on in your video and under­stand what­ev­er you are try­ing to get across.

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Use a creative title and description.

If your title and descrip­tion grab Face­book browsers’ atten­tion, you may just entice them to click and watch your video ad.

Edit a custom thumbnail image.

Your video’s thumb­nail does­n’t even have to come from your video. If you want to mix things up, design a bold, clever cus­tom graph­ic to use as your video’s thumb­nail when you place it on Face­book.

Make it square.

This one involves a bit of a dif­fer­ent approach, but if you for­mat your videos to be square instead of the stan­dard width-to-height widescreen at 16:9, your video will actu­al­ly appear larg­er and per­form bet­ter on Face­book feeds, accord­ing to Buffer Social. You’ll catch more atten­tion pure­ly by tak­ing up more space!

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