While Black Fri­day and Super Bowl Sun­day are known as some of the best days to buy dis­count­ed TVs, you can always catch a day or two in between that have just as good (if not bet­ter) deals than the “biggest” sales days of the year.

Such is the case today at Best Buy where you can pick up a 65-inch TCL 6‑Series QLED – one of the best TVs of last year – for just $594.99. When it launched in the mid­dle of last year the 6‑Series QLED would have cost you $899 and now, thanks to this deal, it’s $300 off when you use the code TCLDOLBY15 at check­out. 

What makes the 6‑Series so spe­cial? It’s one of the few TVs in its price range that uses  full-array light­ing with a huge num­ber of con­trast con­trol zones (TL;DR it has out­stand­ing con­trast). On top of that, it’s the first TV in the 6‑Series line­up to use Quan­tum Dots for bet­ter col­or sat­u­ra­tion and the new AIPQ proces­sor for upscal­ing – both of which work great.

Last but not least, the TV uses Roku TV, which we love. Although Roku’s inter­face is a bit basic, it sup­ports near­ly every major stream­ing ser­vice and doesn’t push one ser­vice / type of con­tent over anoth­er, giv­ing you tru­ly uni­ver­sal search results. It now has an adver­tise­ment on the home­screen that we don’t love, but oth­er­wise is pret­ty much ad-free.

All said, if you want a great 65-inch 4K TV in the $600 range, this is the one to go for.

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