How do Amer­i­can Egg Board argu­ments hold up to sci­en­tif­ic scruti­ny, such as the con­cept that large fluffy LDL cho­les­terol is pro­tec­tive com­pared to small, dense LDL?

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This is why a site like can be so use­ful, because even when a paper is pub­lished in the peer-reviewed med­ical lit­er­a­ture, it can mis­rep­re­sent the sci­ence. But who has time to check the pri­ma­ry sources? I do! If you’d like to sup­port this work, please con­sid­er mak­ing a tax-deductible dona­tion.

Here are some oth­er videos in which I con­trast the avail­able sci­ence with what the egg indus­try asserts:

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For more on the role of cho­les­terol, see:

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Thanks for watch­ing. I hope you’ll join in the evi­dence-based nutri­tion rev­o­lu­tion!
‑Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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