The Man­dalo­ri­an is com­ing.


Ear­ly buzz around The Man­dalo­ri­an is strong. No full-on, prop­er reviews yet, but the new Star Wars show kicks off in a cou­ple of days, along­side the launch of Dis­ney Plus, on Nov. 12.

Until then, why not check out the cast of The Man­dalo­ri­an try­ing to explain pre­cise­ly why the show is some­thing com­plete­ly unlike any­thing we’ve seen in the Star Wars uni­verse to date.

The cast of #The­Man­dalo­ri­an answers our ques­tions about the com­ing series. Start stream­ing Nov 12, on #Dis­ney­Plus. @themandalorian @disneyplus

— Star Wars (@starwars) Novem­ber 8, 2019

“[In] pre­vi­ous Star Wars films and expe­ri­ences, the world[s] of good and evil are very, very defined,” said Pedro Pas­cal, who plays the Man­dalo­ri­an gun­fight­er him­self. “Now that we’re in a post-Empire out­er reach­es of the galaxy kind of world, those lines are a lot blur­ri­er.”

Sure, this is raw pro­mo for the show, but it’s also a nice lit­tle drip feed of infor­ma­tion for a show that, two days from release, we know very lit­tle about. Per­son­al­ly, I’m extreme­ly excit­ed to see a show like this set in the Star Wars uni­verse. Also, hard to go wrong with Wern­er Her­zog in the cast. This is going to be good. I need this show to be good.

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