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Reliance Jio revamps Rs 149 plan with free IUC min­utes: Here’s how it com­pares to Air­tel and Vodafone’s plan in a sim­i­lar price range.

Reliance Jio has announced revi­sion for its Rs 149 plan, which now comes with com­pli­men­ta­ry IUC min­utes or call­ing to non-Jio num­bers. Jio had ear­li­er announced that it would start charg­ing cus­tomers for call­ing to non-Jio num­bers because of the high IUC or Inter­con­nect usage charges, it was being forced to pay giv­en its cus­tomers were mak­ing max­i­mum call­ing to out­side net­work. IUC rates in India cur­rent­ly stand at 6 paise per minute.

The Rs 149 plan will now come with 300 non-Jio call­ing min­utes. But the valid­i­ty of the plan has been reduced as well to 24 days, instead of the stan­dard 28 days one sees on pre­paid plans. Reliance Jio offers its cus­tomers unlim­it­ed Jio to Jio calls, 300 min­utes of Jio to non-Jio calls, 1.5GB of dai­ly 4G data and 100 dai­ly SMS under the Rs 149 plan. This also includes a com­pli­men­ta­ry sub­scrip­tion to Jio’s pre­mi­um apps. We com­pare it with oth­er plans from Air­tel and Voda­fone, which are in a sim­i­lar price range.

Airtel Rs 129, Rs 169 prepaid recharge plan

Air­tel has a Rs 129 plan avail­able in Del­hi NCR with a valid­i­ty of 28 days. It comes with 2GB data in total. Airtel’s plan has unlim­it­ed calls and there are no sep­a­rate IUC calls. It also comes with 300 Local + STD SMS for cus­tomers. Oth­er ben­e­fits include access to the Air­tel Xstream App, which also has live TV chan­nels and movies, and TV shows. The pre­paid plan also brings access to Wynk Music with free music down­loads.

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Air­tel also has a Rs 169 plan with a bet­ter deal of 1GB data per day. Once again all calls are unlim­it­ed and there is no IUC charge as such. The valid­i­ty is longer at 28 days, but SMS is lim­it­ed to 100 per day. The plan also includes ben­e­fits such as access to Air­tel Xstream app and Wynk music. Com­pared to Jio’s Rs 149 plan, the Rs 169 plan has four days of extra valid­i­ty, but the data is lim­it­ed to 1GB per day, while Jio is offer­ing 1.5 dai­ly data.

Vodafone Rs 129, Rs 139, 149 and Rs 169 prepaid plans

Voda­fone has a lot of plans in a sim­i­lar price range of under Rs 170, though not all the plans show in all the cir­cles. The Voda­fone Rs 129 plan has a valid­i­ty of 28 days and comes with unlim­it­ed local, STD and roam­ing calls along with 300 SMS with­in India. It also comes with 2GB 4G/3G.

Vodafone’s Rs 139 plan has a ben­e­fit of 3GB data in total for 28 days with unlim­it­ed local, STD and roam­ing calls. It also includes 300 SMS in India. The Voda­fone Rs 149 plan was vis­i­ble for Delhi/NCR cir­cle and it comes with unlim­it­ed local, STD and roam­ing calls and 1GB of data per day along with 100 SMS per day. But the valid­i­ty is 21 days and it also includes access to the Voda­fone PLAY App which has free live tv and movies.

Vodafone’s Rs 169 plan has 1GB data per day with unlim­it­ed local, STD and roam­ing calls and 100 SMS per day. The valid­i­ty is longer at 28 days. This also includes access to the Voda­fone PLAY app.

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