Gen­er­al Leia Organa (Car­rie Fish­er) and Rey (Daisy Rid­ley) in Star Wars: The Rise of Sky­walk­er.

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Most Star Wars fans assumed The Last Jedi was refer­ring to Luke Sky­walk­er, as played by Mark Hamill but, in a recent inter­view with Yahoo! Enter­tain­ment, Todd Fish­er, broth­er of Car­rie Fish­er, claimed that one of the major pay­offs planned in The Rise of Sky­walk­er was the real­iza­tion of Leia as a ful­ly-fledged Jedi war­rior.

“She was going to be the big pay­off in the final film,” Todd Fish­er said. “She was going to be the last Jedi, so to speak.”

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Of course, with Car­rie Fish­er pass­ing away in 2016, we’ll nev­er get to see Fish­er assume that role. That being said, Todd Fish­er was very sat­is­fied with the way direc­tor J.J. Abrams inte­grat­ed the final footage of Car­rie Fish­er as Leia into The Rise of Sky­walk­er.

“They had eight min­utes of footage,” he explained. “They grabbed every frame and ana­lyzed it… and then reverse-engi­neered it and got it into the sto­ry the right way. It’s kind of mag­i­cal.”

Star Wars: The Rise of Sky­walk­er hits cin­e­mas Dec. 20 world­wide.

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