The Arc Vec­tor is a wild­ly expen­sive, super-lim­it­ed, car­bon-fiber elec­tric motor­cy­cle designed and built in the UK.

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Remem­ber when the Harley-David­son Livewire’s pric­ing was announced, and peo­ple were livid that it was going to cost over $30,000? Well, those same peo­ple are like­ly to burst a blood ves­sel when they see the Arc Vec­tor’s price tag.

Now, to be total­ly fair, Livewire is meant to be a vol­ume pro­duc­tion motor­cy­cle, and the Arc Vec­tor — announced ear­li­er this month — is a super-lim­it­ed func­tion­al design study, so the fact that it’s going to set its 399 poten­tial buy­ers back $111,000 is less of a sur­prise. Still, that’s a boat­load of green­backs, so what do you get for all that mon­ey?

What you’re get­ting the most of is style, and for a “this does­n’t look like any­thing else”-to-dollars ratio, it’s not such a bad deal. Still, it’s not going to be for every­one, and per­son­al­ly, I think it’s a lit­tle “much,” but taste is sub­jec­tive.

Next, you get a ton of car­bon fiber. Most of the bike is made of the stuff. That includes the bike’s mono­coque frame and both of its swing arms. Yes, that’s right, I said both. It’s got a swing arm up front, too, because it uses hub-cen­ter steer­ing. All that car­bon helps keep weight down to a respectable 485 pounds, which is com­pa­ra­ble to most ICE-pow­ered sport­bikes.

You’re also get­ting a sur­pris­ing amount of claimed range for your motor­cy­cle dol­lar. The mak­ers of the Vec­tor sug­gest that it’s capa­ble of 270 miles com­bined. That out­paces just about every oth­er elec­tric moto on the mar­ket if it’s legit, even if that’s mea­sured on the slight­ly more gen­er­ous WLTP cycle rather than our EPA cycle.

As far as pow­er goes, with 133 horse­pow­er on tap, you’re not going to set the world on fire. But it’s always torque that shines with elec­tric motors and strange­ly, the Vec­tor only pro­duces 109 pound-feet of the stuff. By com­par­i­son, the Ves­pa Elet­tri­ca scoot­er puts down 148 lb-ft despite mak­ing just 5.36 hp.

Is the Arc Vec­tor worth its wild ask­ing price? We haven’t rid­den it so we can’t say for sure, but based sole­ly on the num­bers and aes­thet­ics, we’d say no. We’d prob­a­bly go and buy three Livewires and find two friends instead.

The Arc Vec­tor is equal parts design study, sci­ence exper­i­ment and motor­cy­cle 35 Pho­tos Now play­ing: Watch this: Rid­ing Harley-David­son’s all-elec­tric Project LiveWire… 3:03

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