Nin­ten­do had a very strong show­ing at E3 2019 – some­how with­out even being at the expo. Thanks to its huge­ly pop­u­lar Nin­ten­do Direct livestreams, the house of Mario has man­aged to con­tin­ue grip­ping gamers and gam­ing press alike with its joy­ful and nos­tal­gic ros­ter of titles – and this year it real­ly knocked it out of the park.

Two years into the Nin­ten­do Switch’s lifes­pan, there are still mas­sive main­line fran­chis­es pulling out the stops. We may not have got more details about the rumored Switch con­sole upgrades com­ing lat­er in the year, but there was still plen­ty for us to chew on: fan­tas­tic-look­ing new games, sig­nif­i­cant updates to exist­ing favorites, smart ports and remakes, as well as at least one bomb­shell sequel.

So what did Nin­ten­do have on show? We’ve col­lat­ed all of the most excit­ing game trail­ers and new announce­ments below – from Luigi’s Man­sion 3 and Poke­mon Sword and Shield to a whole load of Zel­da titles in the works. 

There’s plen­ty we did­n’t see, to be far: no sign of the delayed Metroid Prime 4, or the soon-to-be-released Mario Mak­er 2. But for an expo that large­ly exists to cre­ate hype around new and upcom­ing releas­es, we’re cer­tain­ly excit­ed about what we saw.

An (unnamed) Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel

It was the final mic-drop moment of Nintendo’s E3 live stream, but what a moment it was. The Leg­end of Zel­da: Breath of the Wild isn’t get­ting more DLC – it’s get­ting a whole new sequel.

At this stage, there’s no name or release date to go on (we’ll just have to call it The Leg­end of Zel­da: Breath of the Wild 2 for now), just a momen­tary clip instead. It showed Zel­da and Link explor­ing beneath Hyrule Cas­tle, before encoun­ter­ing a res­ur­rect­ed war­rior foe – poten­tial­ly an undead Gan­non­dorf. The cam­era cuts to a view of Hyrule Cas­tle from a dis­tant loca­tion. There’s a ground-shak­ing quake, Hyrule Cas­tle is engulfed in dust. And that’s it.

Very much look­ing to be in keep­ing with the new Zel­da for­mu­la laid down by Breath of the Wild, this could be this generation’s Majora’s Mask.

Luigi’s Mansion 3

You may not be afraid of no ghost, but Lui­gi still is. We got an extend­ed look at Luigi’s Man­sion 3 dur­ing the Nin­ten­do livestream, which intro­duced us to a few new mechan­ics for the game. Name­ly, it’s look­ing like it’ll be a much more kinet­ic out­ing for the scaredy-cat plumber, who will be able to use his ghost-catch­ing vac­u­um clean­er thing to slam spec­tors against walls, while also doing an area-of-effect air blast. On the floor at E3 we got to play through tons of con­tent from the trail­er (seen below) and made it to our first boss bat­tle with the King Ghost. 

There’s also a new mul­ti­play­er mode announced for the game called Scare­Scraper, let­ting you com­pete for ghost-hunt­ing prowess against your bud­dies, as well as a co-op mode that intro­duces a new char­ac­ter called “Gooi­gi”. Imag­ine a Flub­ber-fied ver­sion of Lui­gi, and you’re there, with the green gooey ver­sion of Lui­gi able to walk on spikes and squeeze through fences like a friend­ly T‑1000 ter­mi­na­tor. He’ll also be the sec­ondary char­ac­ter couch co-op play­ers get to play as. 

Sad­ly, there’s still no firm release date for Luigi’s Man­sion 3 beyond “2019”. We’ll keep you post­ed.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening 

We knew the remake of the Game­Boy clas­sic, Link’s Awak­en­ing, was going to be at E3 2019 but we did­n’t know how much fun we’d have with it. In a 15-minute demo with the game we were able to get our trusty sword from the beach, trudge through the mys­te­ri­ous for­est and bat­tle the first dun­geon’s mini-boss, Rolling Bones. 

Still keep­ing to that top-down style that the series was once so famous for (but with a new, mod­ernised, Pixar-like art style), Link’s Awak­en­ing for Nin­ten­do Switch has now been revealed to have a build-your-own dun­geon mode. Drag-and-drop tiles will let you build new chal­lenges with­in the game – here’s hop­ing there’s an online ele­ment so that you can share them with your friends.

The Witcher 3 for Nintendo Switch

Some­one had bet­ter send a demon hunter to Nin­ten­do HQ – there must be some sort of dark mag­ic being cast in order to make The Witch­er 3 run on the Nin­ten­do Switch. But mon­ster hunter Ger­alt is indeed head­ed to the hybrid con­sole, both in its docked and on-to-go hand­held modes.

It’s the com­plete edi­tion of the game, includ­ing all its expan­sion packs, and while the lengthy, engross­ing adven­ture is per­fect for mobile play-any­where ses­sions, we’re still stumped as to how they’re going to make it work on rel­a­tive­ly under­pow­ered hard­ware. We can’t wait to see it in action for our­selves.

Pokémon Sword and Shield

We’ve seen a lot about Poké­mon Sword and Shield, which is com­ing to Nin­ten­do Switch Novem­ber 15, 2019. The hype is high, the release date is soon, but Nin­ten­do doesn’t have much more to show off than it did dur­ing its Sword and Shield-ded­i­cat­ed Nin­ten­do Direct pre­sen­ta­tion released a week before E3 2019.

Our demo at E3 gave us a taste of the Galar region that play­ers will be explor­ing, and specif­i­cal­ly showed off the vaunt­ed ‘Dyna­max’ fea­ture that tem­porar­i­ly evolves your Poké­mon to colos­sal size and pow­er. We took on the Water Gym Leader Nes­sa in a huge are­na in front of cheer­ing crowds using an over­sized Grook­ie and, in the end of the demo, got out first badge.

The only thing miss­ing from that demo was a look at the leg­endary Poké­mon that give this gen­er­a­tion its name, Zacian (sword) and Zamazen­ta (shield). But there’s always a chance Nin­ten­do will put out a demo before the game’s launch in Novem­ber.

Panzer Dragoon

Panz­er Dra­goon orig­i­nal­ly came out for the Sega Sat­urn in 1995, which tells you how icon­ic the game has become as the only title from that doomed con­sole to be remem­bered so fond­ly. The game has been com­plete­ly remade for a Switch release lat­er in 2019.

The orig­i­nal Panz­er Dra­goon perched the play­er on the back of a drag­on and gave them a gun. It’s a rail shoot­er on a drag­on. Need we say more? Okay, the game didn’t just make its bones on then-nov­el 3D game­play — its vibrant world and lore cap­tured play­ers’ imag­i­na­tions, too. We knew the game was being remade by Pol­ish pub­lish­er For­ev­er Enter­tain­ment, but didn’t know the Switch would be includ­ed in its release plans.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

The Mar­vel’s Avengers game from Square Enix made plen­ty of waves, sure, but Mar­vel Ulti­mate Alliance 3: the Black Order deserves plen­ty of atten­tion too. You’ll be able to play as one of count­less char­ac­ters from across the rich Mar­vel uni­verse in an inter­est­ing-look­ing action RPG. Plus, we got to see Mag­ne­to wield­ing an Infin­i­ty Stone, and we can’t wait to see how that pans out. 

Luck­i­ly, we only have to wait until July 19 to get our hands on it… not that it stopped us from play­ing it at E3 2019. In a short demo three of our edi­tors were able to team up, tak­ing con­trol of Wolver­ine, Cap­tain Amer­i­ca and Storm, while bat­tling through Hand forces in Hel­l’s Kitchen. 

We did­n’t get to see the com­plete list of char­ac­ters com­ing to the game, but if you’re a fan of non-Avengers Mar­vel line­ups like the Fan­tas­tic Four and the X‑Men, keep an eye out for the Mar­vel Ulti­mate Alliance 3: The Black Order sea­son pass that will have tons of cool char­ac­ters.

Banjo-Kazooie and Dragon Quest’s Hero

Some of the more sur­pris­ing faces were those added to the ros­ter for Super Smash Bros Ulti­mate, the Switch entry for Nin­ten­do’s icon­ic fight­ing fran­chise that came out last year. There’s been a steady drip-feed of addi­tion­al Smash Bros DLC con­tent with new char­ac­ters like Piran­ha Plant and Per­sona 5’s Jok­er join­ing the fray – though Nin­ten­do has now revealed the next two fight­ers for the com­ing con­tent packs. 

The first is Hero! You know, Hero? The (tech­ni­cal­ly unnamed) pro­tag­o­nist from the recent Drag­on Quest XI: Echoes of an Elu­sive Age will be slash­ing his way onto Smash Bros stages lat­er this sum­mer, with a nifty trail­er show­ing off some seri­ous sword­play – and three alter­na­tive skins that let you play as the lead char­ac­ters from Drag­on Quest III, Drag­on Quest IV, and Drag­on Quest VII.

The oth­er is Rare mas­cot Ban­jo-Kazooie, who first appeared on the Nin­ten­do 64 back in 1998, and has been at the top of fan’s lists to add to the game, along­side the likes of Drag­onbal­l’s Goku or Crash Bandi­coot (we’re still hold­ing out hope for the oth­ers).

Ban­jo-Kazooie will be avail­able to down­load – with addi­tion­al sound­tracks and stages for the game – in Autumn 2019. As a fight­er, they’re sure to add a whole load of ver­ti­cal strat­e­gy with that bird strapped to Ban­jo’s back.

Animal Crossing New Horizons

Our first game­play footage of Ani­mal Cross­ing: New Hori­zons shows the vil­lager farm­ing and craft­ing new fur­ni­ture – some­thing that has nev­er been an aspect of the main Ani­mal Cross­ing games. Some of these fea­tures look like they’re lift­ed from Ani­mal Cross­ing: Pock­et Camp, while oth­er aspects are com­plete­ly new for the series. 

The set­up for the game, as was revealed by the trail­er, is that Tom Nook is now char­ter­ing vaca­tion pack­ages to a desert­ed island which you, as the vil­lager, must explore and cul­ti­vate into a thriv­ing com­mu­ni­ty. It’s a neat spin on the clas­sic for­mu­la, and one that we’ll hear more about before it comes out on March 20, 2020.

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

This one’s a match made in heav­en for Nintendo’s portable machine. Ni no Kuni is, in our hum­ble opin­ion, one of the most under­rat­ed JRPGs of the last decade. 

With art direc­tion helped along by some of the Stu­dio Ghi­b­li team, it com­bines beau­ti­ful ani­me visu­als with a Poke­mon-like bat­tle sys­tem that has you train­ing up com­pan­ion mon­sters for turn-based bat­tles. It’s also got an absolute­ly heart wrench­ing sto­ry. It’s a long and fairy­tale-like adven­ture, mak­ing it per­fect­ly suit­ed for on-the-go play.

Doom Eternal

The upcom­ing lat­est edi­tion in the Doom series has been con­firmed to be mak­ing its way to Nin­ten­do Switch, mean­ing you can trans­verse the hellscape while on your work com­mute. A tru­ly ter­ri­fy­ing thought.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly we don’t know exact­ly when we’ll be see­ing the Doom­slay­er mak­ing his way to Switch — see­ing as Doom Eter­nal doesn’t actu­al­ly have a release date yet — but we do know it’ll be lat­er this year.

While vio­lent first per­son shoot­ers don’t exact­ly have the charm fac­tor that Nin­ten­do is known for, the most recent Doom game went down a treat on Switch and we’re expect­ing Eter­nal to do the same. Who said the Nin­ten­do Switch was just for kids?

Alien Isolation

Nintendo’s not known for its hor­ror titles either, but it’s get­ting one of the best ever made in the shape of a port of Alien Iso­la­tion.

Based on the clas­sic sci-fi fran­chise, you play as Ellen Ripley’s daugh­ter as she’s hunt­ed down by a lone xenomorph aboard an aban­doned space sta­tion. It’s more sur­vival-hor­ror than action, where hid­ing and hold­ing your breath is a bet­ter bet than going in all guns blaz­ing. And, with the Nin­ten­do Switch being a hybrid hand­held, you can bring the game on the toi­let to play in case you get so scared that you… well. You get the pic­ture.


Daunt­less offi­cial­ly launched in May 2019 with a bang, draw­ing mil­lions of play­ers to the free-to-play mon­ster hunt­ing game. Sure, it seems to lift a lot from Capcom’s Mon­ster Hunter fran­chise, but at least F2P makes it acces­si­ble to fans who can’t stom­ach the high price tag of a new game — and lets their friends try it at no cost.

Daunt­less exists in a world torn asun­der by a cat­a­clysm that releas­es gigan­tic mon­sters, Behe­moths, that the play­ers must hunt and destroy. Like Fort­nite before it, Daunt­less allows cross-plat­form play, so expect to link up with your bud­dies on WIn­dows, PS4 and Xbox One when the game launch­es on Switch lat­er in 2019.

Collection of Mana

If you’re after some RPG nos­tal­gia on Switch, Nin­ten­do has you cov­ered. The Col­lec­tion of Mana released in Japan back in 2017, bundling a tril­o­gy of icon­ic games from the Mana series – and is now avail­able to down­load from the Switch eShop across the world.

That includes Final Fan­ta­sy Adven­ture (Game Boy, 1991) and its sequel Secret of Mana (SNES, 1993) – as well as the third game in the series, Tri­als of Mana (Super Fam­i­com, 1995) that until now has nev­er been released out­side of Japan. See the trail­er below for some won­der­ful pix­el action.

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