Tes­la’s sec­ond Gigafac­to­ry in Buf­fa­lo, New York, has most­ly been qui­et since it was built, but now it has new pur­pose.


Tes­la’s “Gigafac­to­ry 2” in New York is under­go­ing some­thing of an iden­ti­ty cri­sis as of late. It’s now most­ly being used by Pana­son­ic to make solar com­po­nents, but soon, accord­ing to a Thurs­day report by Elec­trek, Tes­la will give it new pur­pose as the home of Super­charg­er V3 elec­tron­ics and ener­gy stor­age (think Pow­er­wall) pro­duc­tion. Tes­la is also using the facil­i­ty to ramp up pro­duc­tion on its long-await­ed Solar Roof mate­ri­als.

Why is that a big deal? Well, there has been a fair amount of inter­est in Tes­la’s prod­ucts that aren’t cars, but with the brand’s ini­tial dif­fi­cul­ties in get­ting the Mod­el 3 car into vol­ume pro­duc­tion, those oth­er prod­ucts got pushed some­what to the back burn­er. Now that pro­duc­tion of cars has sta­bi­lized some­what; it’s becom­ing pos­si­ble for Tes­la to use some of its cell pro­duc­tion for these oth­er, less demand­ing projects.

“In addi­tion to scal­ing pro­duc­tion of Solar Roof, Tes­la is also diver­si­fy­ing its pres­ence in Buf­fa­lo by man­u­fac­tur­ing and assem­bling Super­charg­er and ener­gy stor­age com­po­nents at Gigafac­to­ry 2,” a Tes­la rep­re­sen­ta­tive told Road­show. “We’re com­mit­ted to invest­ing in Buf­fa­lo and the State, and the new pow­er elec­tron­ic lines will deliv­er more high-tech jobs while sup­port­ing Tes­la’s ener­gy stor­age prod­ucts and glob­al Super­charg­ing infra­struc­ture.”

This sec­ond wind at the fac­to­ry chould cre­ate jobs and eco­nom­ic growth in the Rust Belt city of Buf­fa­lo. Accord­ing to the Buf­fa­lo News, Tes­la is less than a year from a state-imposed dead­line stat­ing that it has to basi­cal­ly dou­ble the size of its work­force there or get slapped with a $41.2 mil­lion penal­ty. This comes from the word­ing of the agree­ment that allowed Tes­la to use $750 mil­lion of tax­pay­er mon­ey to build the fac­to­ry.

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