Insta­gram launched a new @shop account man­aged by an inter­nal team that curates shop­pable posts from across the app.

“Con­tent fea­tured on @shop will be 100% com­mu­ni­ty-trends dri­ven. The team man­ag­ing @shop will work with the Com­mu­ni­ty Labs team at Insta­gram to iden­ti­fy trends, brands and cre­ators that are of inter­est to our com­mu­ni­ty so the account will be a real-time indi­ca­tor of what’s new and emerg­ing on Insta­gram,” said an Insta­gram spokesper­son.

At launch (with few­er than 15 posts) the account fea­tured prod­ucts from Feel Jeans, Cafuné, The Lip Bar and more, all with prod­uct tags that lead to prod­uct pages on the app, list­ing the item’s price and a link to pur­chase the prod­uct.

Why we should care

While the @shop con­tent is 100% dri­ven by trends and emerg­ing brands, and man­aged by an Insta­gram team, it is anoth­er step Insta­gram is tak­ing toward its e‑commerce ini­tia­tives.

Curat­ed by Insta­gram employ­ees, the con­tent boosts expo­sure for brands and cre­ators and, most like­ly, will make them more inclined to cre­ate their own shop­pable posts. It is also expand­ing the reach of the fea­tured brands, giv­ing them a small boost with their e‑commerce efforts on the app. Com­pa­nies may not have any con­trol over their prod­ucts being fea­tured via the account, but depend­ing on how pop­u­lar @shop becomes among users, it could boost a brand’s expo­sure on the plat­form.

Whether or not posts from brands in Instagram’s Check­out beta (a pro­gram that offers in-app check­out capa­bil­i­ties) will be fea­tured on the @shop account remains to be seen. But, if so, it would be a short hop for users who fol­low the account to see some­thing they like in their feed and then click to buy it on Insta­gram.

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