It is now possible to vote online using a self-portrait

Smartmatic will officially present this week the first secure online voting solution where voter identity can be verified through a self-portrait or self-portrait. The biggest challenge facing online voting so far was being able to ensure that whoever was voting was actually the person with the right to vote, and ensure that each person voted once.

his challenge has been solved by a secure digital identity that uses the voter's face as part of the registration process and then contrasts it with a self-shot just before voting online.

The presentation of this solution will take place during the conference E-VOTE-ID 2016 in Bregenz, Austria, to be held from 18 to 21 October. This event will bring together electoral experts from around the world who will share knowledge, experiences and best practices in the field of electronic voting and identity management.

"We are proud to be able to present this innovative solution that integrates voter authentication and online voting, and enables electoral authorities to effectively address the challenges of distance voting. With our solution, the citizen can authenticate with a selfie and vote online safely, "said Antonio Mugica, CEO of Smartmatic.

Smartmatic's online voting system, TIVI, uses facial biometrics to allow voters to authenticate themselves through a smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop. Integrating biometric authentication with online voting ensures that only voters who can vote have access to the system and can successfully voice their opinion.

TIVI is the only online voting solution available in the market that offers a universal digital verification to protect each vote from being issued until it is tabulated. Using advanced encryption mechanisms and blockchain technology protects the privacy, integrity and security of the vote.

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